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Macrobyte Resources specializes in building flexible and extendable Internet applications that enable communication and knowledge management for Individuals, Businesses and groups of all kinds. In all cases, Macrobyte supports its products with expert consulting and support services. Visit our Services page for details.


Macrobyte's premier product is the Conversant groupware development platform. Conversant is used to manage hundreds of successful websites and Internet communities. For more detailed information, visit the Conversant website.

Transport Layer Security ( TLS ) for Userland Frontier and Radio UserLand

TLS for UserLand Frontier and Radio Userland implements a standards-based secure server and client environment for the built-in webserver in Frontier and Radio UserLand. Using TLS, customers can implement the "https" protocol for transferring sensitive data such as credit card numbers securely using encryption.

Please note that TLS is now owned, maintained, and supported by UserLand Software, Inc.


The AttSearchEngine is an indexing and searching tool for the UserLand Frontier and Radio UserLand developer. Using the AttSearchEngine, developers can easily add powerful searching capabilities to their solutions.


RCSearch is an add-on for the Radio Community Server from UserLand. RCSearch provides a fully-indexed search tool serving a specific installation of the Radio Community Server.

RCSearch is not currently under active development.

Also, visit our Developer Tools section for free add-on tools for UserLand Frontier and Radio UserLand

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