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In addition to commercial and freeware software we've developed, Macrobyte offers a number of programming and consulting services, specializing in the areas of web development and content management. Our team has years of experience developing workflow, digital asset, and content management solutions for our clients.

To get started, just contact us with your project's requirements.

Our current menu of services includes:

  • Custom Conversant Development and Consulting
    Like what you've seen of Conversant, but it doesn't do something that you need? Conversant was designed to be easily extensible, and its plugin architecture makes adding new features a snap. Macrobyte offers custom plugin and macro development, installation and setup, and anything else you might need to make Conversant work for you. Contact us for more information.

  • Custom UserTalk Programming and Consulting
    If you need custom UserTalk programming (for UserLand Frontier or Radio UserLand) you've come to the right place! Macrobyte is the premiere developer of UserTalk solutions. With years of experience developing large scale Frontier applications (like Conversant, for example) Macrobyte has the know-how required to tackle the biggest Frontier programming challenges. Contact us with the details of your Frontier development project: whether it's simple Manila and Radio macros to Frontier DLL programming Macrobyte has the solution!

  • Web Application Development
    Macrobyte has years of experience developing custom web applications. Content Management Systems, Weblog applications, event calendars, XML-RPC and syndication apps, database-driven catalog publishing; these are examples of some of the applications we've built, using a wide array of platforms. Do you have an idea for a great web application? Contact us, and let Macrobyte turn your project into reality.

  • Web Hosting
    Macrobyte offers regular static site hosting, and we specialize in hosting Conversant-based sites. For more information on Conversant hosting, please visit our Conversant hosting page on Free-Conversant. For more information on our other hosting options, please contact us with your requirements or questions.

  • Large projects like Conversant, or very small projects

  • Programming in perl, php, javascript, usertalk (Frontier), or java

  • Full applications or small browser enhancements, to run on the Mozilla Suite or FireFox, written in XUL

  • MySQL database development (including database-driven web sites)

  • Creation, improvement, or expansion of a web site in Conversant or PHP, or cgi written in perl or shell

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